Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Doing What Needs to be Done

Today was supposed to be the Bug's first day back at preschool and my last day of vacation. I had a long list of things I wanted to do and needed to do.

I wanted to:

get my hair cut for the first time since March. Donate 10" to Locks of Love and find a new style before the baby came and I won't be able to get haircut for a whole 'nother year. It would be nice to look pretty for the post-delivery picture this time. I look like a ship-wreck victim in my first picture with the bug.

get a pedicure. Due to the increasing bulbous nature of my belly, I haven't been able to see, much less reach my toes for months now. Frankly, I just wanted someone to rub my feet. Pretty toes would be nice, too.

see a movie. I haven't seen one in 2 1/2 years. I did rent "Garden State" so I guess that counts. I'm only, what....three years behind.

I needed to:

go shopping for all the new baby stuff we'll need and have forgotten up until now: diapers, wipes, car seat pads. I managed to get this done today. Target should have no problems meeting their quarterly goal, thanks to me.

I was looking forward to today, really. Because I've been on vacation for the past week, every minute of it spent with the Bug or family or rushing to this event or that. I wanted this morning for myself.

But Sunday night, the Bug came down with a stomach virus. It left her coughing and heaving and clinging to the Grinch and I all night. Monday, she slept on me for most of the day. Today, she was a trooper and went to Target with me, though I could tell she wanted to be home, reading books or just snuggling again. She's so out of it. She's so tired. There's no way she could go to school. No way I could leave her with even the most patient, loving friend or family member.

This may not have been what I wanted or needed to do these past two days. But it's what she needs from me. I'm doing what's important for her. That feels just right.

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