Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10 Reasons Why I'm Weird (to most people)

1. I like my pizza without cheese.
2. We don't have cable, the dish, or TIVO in my house. We haven't watched TV at home in months.
3. I work the overnight shift and take care of my child all day.
4. I hold my breath when I walk past people in the hallway.
5. I pick up my feet when driving over railroad crossings. It's an old superstition
6. I can't eat a handful of food. Like M&Ms: I have to eat them in twos.
7. I once co-hosted a reggae music show on the radio.
8. I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste of it.
9. I have never been to New York.
10. I firmly believe that white chocolate is an abomination.


Laura said...

You don't eat cheese on your pizza? I learned something new about you today. Pretty impressive since I have known you forever! You are going to have to back off the white chocolate--I can say or spell that word you associated with it (so it must not be good)

Heather said...

White chocolate has it's place: lightly sprinkled inside a dark chocolate cookie, for instance.