Monday, November 10, 2008

Name that Critter

For the bug's 3rd birthday, my sister and neice gave her a very nice world map made out of felt.

To go along with the map, there are about 25 little felt critters with velcro on their backs. The idea is to put the animals on their home continents. Most of the critters are easily identifiable, like these:

Top to bottom, left to right, we figure these guys are a panda, giraffe, zerba, lion, eagle, butterfly, kangaroo, hedgehog, flamingo, rabbit, hawk and camel. Easy peasy, right? There are some that are not so easily identifiable, like these guys:

After months of deliberation, we've decided that they are a roadrunner, moose (with really dinky antlers, poor fellow. OH! Maybe it's a reindeer?), crow (bor-RING!), and turkey. Believe it or not, that turkey took a LONG time to identify. Three college educated adults and a very smart teenager turned that sucker a million different ways before it finally made sense.

If you're counting, there are still nine critters outstanding. What the hell are these?

Now, we're not complete knuckleheads. We figure the grey dude with the tusks is a warthog. His neighbor is squirrel of some sort (artic, perhaps?), and the black thing with the horns and the white U-shape on his face is a bull. Maybe? But what is the brown thing with feet and a tail? A Darwinian pile of poo? On what continent does that live, exactly? Is his grey cousin on the bottom row just a cold weather version of him?

So, I'm turning to you, all-knowing internet, to help us identify these creatures and point us to their happy homes. Beacuse the bug has named the black-and-white critter at the top Boo-ba-dee and I don't know if that's its genus or phylum. Get to work. Name those critters.


ingrid said...

Could the crow be a bat?

As for the remaining... here are my guesses:

(left to right in rows)
1. erm. ok. i'm a bad guesser. i have no idea what this black and white concoction is.
2. x-ray fish? or something? erm.
3. salamander
4. warthog (i'll go with your guess. i like it.)
5. beakless swan.
6. blue footed booby (seriously)
7. muskox
8. hmm... newt?
9. a horse? but i don't think they have a specific location. hmm.

ok. i wasn't really helpful at all. i tried!

Eli said...

Mid-top looks like a kind of wasp, like a yellowjacket or something. (I know they have a black and white version of those too.)

Top right is undoubtedly a salamander. And it might be actual size!!

Heather said...

Good guesses y'all! I'm starting to think the black and white thing is a tapir.

Illegal Tree said...

The thing at the end of the second row is a platypus.The bottom row end looks like a cow on it's last leg.The last row middle is of course a walking catfish or maybe a landshark--"Candygram"

Anonymous said...

I think that brown thing is a Komodo varaan. That,s how we cal it in dutch.