Saturday, December 6, 2008

Parents Do the Darndest Things

"Mommymommymommymommy! I found my snowshoe hare mask!"
"Great, darlin'! Want to put it on?"
"No, I want YOU to put it on. That would be so funny."
"Ok!" (tie tie tie)

"HAhahahahaha! Mommy, that is so silly! Let's hop like bunnies!"

"Ok! " (hop, hop, hop all around the house)


"Come on, Do-si-do. You can hop with meeeeeeeWOOH! You need a fresh diaper. Come on, let's change that." (change, change, change the diaper)
"Mommy, I'm hungry."

"Ok, let's get a snack." (snack, snack, snack)


"Poor hungry baby." (nurse, nurse, nurse)

"Mommy! Play with ME!"

"Ok, ok!" (play, play, play, dance, dance, dance)

::DING, DONG!:::

"Oh, hi UPS man! Package for me? Great!"

"You must be really busy these days, huh? You look pretty happy about it. What's so funny?"

"Why yes, we have been playing rabbit. How'd you kno-...ohmygod. Excuse me."

So now, along with my dignity, UPS has a release to leave all packages on my doorstep without a signature.
You're welcome.

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ingrid said...

This is won-deeeer-ful. :) I laughed long and hard. :) I hope you know how awesome you are.